Shipping Your Car During a Move or Sale Is Becoming Cheaper and More Beneficial

A car shipment is typically expensive, but very worth it, as there are situations in which a car isn’t running but needs transport to a sale or a location for repair. Of course, there is always the option of driving the car from point A to point B if it is operational, but auto transport is much more convenient and probably safer as well. Of course, there are also situations where a car must be shipped such as an overseas move or purchase. Shipping your car can also be faster than driving it if the car is shipped by airplane.

Shipping a car is currently becoming cheaper with the average cost of shipment being $900 and some companies even charging as low as $700 for cross continent shipment in the US. The quote is dependent on the distance of the shipment as well as the size of a vehicle; The distance will typically affect the cost per mile in an inverse fashion, with a high mileage trip costing less per mile and a low mileage trip costing more per mile. A compact car is the cheapest to ship at $0.57 per 1000 miles and Minivans are the most expensive being $0.97 per 1000 miles. The cost can also be dependent on the time of year and sources say that a customer can expect to pay between $200-$300 in extra costs during the summer. A shipment can also be enclosed for luxury or classic vehicles in order to avoid damage; This can increase charges by 60% or more. Different methods of shipping will also cost different amounts, with an airplane shipment costing as much as $100000 in international situations while other methods typically cost less than $1000.

However, the costs of car shipment are nothing compared to the benefits of shipping it. The number one reason to ship a car is to keep it safe, as a shipment will circumvent the issue of racking up miles and shortening the life of a car. This also lets you be at ease, as you will no longer have to attempt to drive on poorly maintained roads or through rough winter storms. Of course, these issues also cause driving to be incredibly stressful, as driving for hours and hours will only make you fatigued and stressed, making a move less smooth or a sale more of a hassle. This also allows you to spend more time working or with family, giving you more time to live your life.

Another reason to choose shipment over driving a car is that insurance costs will go up after long distance trips. Insurance rates are partially dependent on the mileage of a vehicle, so shipping a vehicle over risking a long drive can end up saving more money in the long run. Shipment of a car also lets you take a different method of transportation during a move, giving the freedom of choice for a quick flight or a relaxing train ride. In the end, it just makes it one less thing to worry about in a busy world and makes your life easier.