Useful Information on the Tesla Supercharger Network

Tesla began developing its Supercharging network in 2012, and it consists of a system of 480-volt DC fast-charging stations. These charging networks and stations were designed to enable electric vehicles the ability to travel longer distances through quicker charging times of battery packs. Supercharger is a proprietary direct current technology that can provide up to 120 KW of power — depending on circumstances — and on average can add 100 miles to an electrical vehicle’s traveling range on a 30-minute charge. With a full charge taking only around 70 minutes!

As of August 2018, there are now thousands of these charging stations worldwide — with the largest concentration being in the United States. With many other locations in Europe and Asia, the company is working diligently to make these stations and amazing new technology widely available to owners of Tesla vehicles. The number of such stations being projected to double this year alone.

United States

America by far has the most Tesla Supercharger stations to date. As early as 2012, the company began developing and installing these stations in strategic points: such as the Boston-to-Washington and Los Angeles-to-San Francisco highway corridors. Then by July 2013, there were more than 15 of these stations that were open across the United States — with the number only continuing to grow and Tesla stating that it is planning on doubling the current number of stations in the U.S by the end of 2018.

Benefits of Owning a Tesla Vehicle

There are many benefits to having a Tesla car and Tesla car charger. Chief amongst these is that while the initial cost of a Tesla vehicle may be a bit higher (around $80,000 without any other options), this can be quickly recouped by not having to pay the long-term cost of gas, maintenance, and repairs. There is also the additional savings of time and convenience. A lot can be done; including work, when not always having to stop and pay for gas every few days. With no more worrying about getting up in the morning and then having to be concerned about whether there is a full tank of gas!

Practically every Telsa Motors car has virtually no maintenance, as the engines are electric and thus have few moving parts. Which means that there are fewer things to go wrong and that need to be repaired if they do. With many coming with rebates that are offered in many different states, and batteries that have an unlimited warranty and miles for up to eight years.


So, with all of the added benefits, and the fact that the Tesla Supercharging technology and stations are becoming more prevalent across the planet — it is not hard to see that electric vehicles and their underlying technology are becoming more appealing. At an ever-expanding rate, it would seem that in years to come we may even find that Tesla Supercharging technology and stations have wholly replaced conventional motor vehicles and fossil fuels entirely. If ever there was a time to invest in this technology, then it would be today.