What to Know About Towing Companies

When you need help with your vehicle you call a tow truck. Maybe you ran out of gas, need a tire change or need your battery jump started. Providing quality roadside assistance is the definition a tow truck business. So what types of services do they provide? You may be surprised by the variety of work they do.

There are trucks designed to pull your personal vehicle and trucks designed to pull heavy duty vehicles. Hook and chain tow trucks may also be called sling tow trucks. A hook and chain style truck wraps a chain around the axle of the vehicle. A good company will only use these trucks on a vehicle that is already damaged or doesn’t have any wheels. Wheel lift type trucks are similar to hook and chain trucks. However, they use a metal yoke hooked under the wheels to tow your vehicle. Flatbed tow trucks are also called rollback trucks. They have a large empty bed. The bed is inclined to make a ramp that your vehicle is driven onto or pulled onto using a winch. To find high quality tow truck services gilbert az, don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions.

Most towing companies offer 24-hour emergency towing. They may tow a variety of vehicles including light and medium duty vehicles, commercial and semi-trucks, RV vehicles, heavy equipment, and buses. They also perform off road recovery. Meaning they extract vehicles that are disabled in places like creeks, on train tracks, or in a pasture. When a crash occurs vehicles can end up in some really precarious places.

Other services that tow companies may provide include towing vehicles for repossessions, towing vehicles that are illegally parked, towing abandoned vehicles from the roadways or towing vehicles from private properties. They may also tow vehicles that are collected as evidence for law enforcement. Some larger law enforcement agencies may have their own tow trucks, but other agencies have contracts with tow trucks to collect their vehicles when they are disabled and to collect vehicles for evidence.

When you need a vehicle towed long distance you should let the tow company know, because some tow companies only do local towing. There is some basic information that a tow company will need before they pick up your vehicle. They will need to know where it is being picked up from, the type of vehicle, if the vehicle is drivable, and where you are taking the vehicle. If they don’t discuss price with you beforehand, you should ask. You don’t want to be caught by surprise when they give you the expense for their services. Towing long distances can be expensive. Storage for your vehicle can also be expensive. Your vehicle may be towed, for a variety of reasons, to their impound lot. To avoid an expensive storage bill you should get your vehicle quickly. If a vehicle is not claimed, or a bill is not paid, the tow company can obtain ownership of your vehicle.