Hail Damaged MY Car – So What Now?

Most of us during our “driving life” have been involved in a small traffic accident, had our vehicle bumped in a parking lot or even bombarded by hail. Knowing your most prized possession has been dented, sends a trickle of anger through you because you know it will never look the same again. Methods of vehicle repair have changed over recent years and your car can now look like new with a technique known as (PDR) Paintless Dent Repair.

After contacting your insurance company and starting a claims process, your vehicle will be inspected by a claims adjuster who will compose an estimate, which includes the cost and method for the repair, traditional, PDR, or a mixture of both. Traditional car repair can take many days or even weeks, but the PDR technique allows private and fleet vehicles to be back on the road in a much shorter time. This method has been used for decades by countless, worldwide car dealerships to restore damage caused by small dings or by a hail storm. The repair process takes between one and seven days and involves no drilling, sanding, fillers or painting. Many vehicle dents can be inflicted by merely slamming a door too hard or by another car parked close by striking you.
Cars damaged by hail need specialized treatment. At one time a car pitted with hail pockmarks would have been declared a write-off. Not anymore. Assisted by various forms of light to detect dimpled metal or wavy indentations, skilled technicians use an assortment of rods, tools and sometimes heat to gently press out the dent from the underside of the panel, thus reversing the impression.

Most small dents on the car’s body or bumper can be removed by the PDR method, providing the mark is not too deep, and the paintwork is not cracked. This process was stumbled on accidently back in the 1960s when cars at a trade fair needed quick, overnight repair. Similar dent removal procedures may have been used by auto assembly plants as early as the 1930s.

If your insurance company covers car rental while your vehicle is off the road, most major PDR companies will assist in arranging your rental and drive you to pick it up. If your insurance company does not cover the cost of car rental, some vehicle repair centers offer a valet, car rental service for their clients. This service entails the company covering the cost of the rental, a representative delivering it to your home or office, and its use for the duration of the repair.

These companies are experts in their trade and offer a 100% limited, lifetime warranty if you own the vehicle. In the event of the vehicle being sold or traded in, then the warranty is not transferrable. Any company offering a lifetime warranty on any auto hail or accident damage repair, proves they have confidence in their craftsmen and their skill needed to define “mapping of the origin” and performing this delicate procedure to perfection.