How to Be a Profitable Professional Truck Driver

Running freight can be a very lucrative business opportunity, but most people don’t know how to make the business work for them. Truckers should never approach their operations like a job. The truckers that earn the most usually own their own trucks. Most truckers work with freight brokers. These brokers give the driver a few specific terms and conditions to work with. Some Class 8 truck drivers earn six figures, but this is because they have purchased a cheap truck. Buying a truck is usually a more cost-effective option. Lease purchases on large trucks usually have high monthly payments because the maintenance is expensive. A truck owner can save money by owning his own truck and performing routine vehicle maintenance. This ensures that the driver maintains reasonable profit margins.

Running freight is really similar to a private business endeavor. You want to make your business as profitable as possible. You don’t need to be an accountant to do this. You can simply subtract expenses from potential earnings. You need to look at factors like profit margins and overhead business expenses. You’ll also want to look at terms that individual freight brokers offer. There’s currently a trucker shortage in the United States, so you may find that many freight brokers are offering attractive options like substantial sign-on bonuses.

Buying a used truck is usually the smarter option. You’ll want to look at how much the truck will potentially be worth when you decide to sell it. See if there are Freightliner trucks for sale in your area. Buying a truck is different from leasing one because you aren’t fixed in a lease term. You can continue making payments on the truck or sell it. Selling the truck before all payments are made is one option. You may also decide to simply pay the balance remaining on the loan. You may save money this way. You’ll also have flexibility because you aren’t stuck in a lease.

Buying a new truck may also be a good idea. You can always pay the loan down faster by deducting more from your own paycheck. Purchasing a used truck that isn’t very old is among the best options. You’ll want to look at any potential wear and tear and the overall vehicle mileage. Consider how much you will actually be driving. Your freight broker may expect you to drive 2500 miles per week. Factor in how much mileage you will be putting on the vehicle across its entire lifespan. It’s easy to be shortsighted in the trucking industry, but the most successful truckers develop a long-term profit strategy. Some truckers are known to take home annual net pay of $120,000 or more. Purchase a reliable vehicle, get a few endorsements on your license and you can easily earn this much within the trucking industry. Insurance can also be a substantial expense. You’ll want to make sure that your vehicle has full coverage. Try to find a truck that has numerous built-in safety features.